Scrims reinforce roofing membranes

Roofing or waterproofing membranes are mostly used for large buildings such as supermarkets or production facilities. Their main application areas are flat and slightly sloped roofs. Roofing membranes are exposed to strongly varying material stress due to wind strength and temperature change during the day and year. Scrim-reinforced membranes will almost never break even when exposed to very strong winds. The membrane will keep its original shape for years due to its scrim reinforcement. Scrims will mostly form the central layer of a three layer laminate. As scrims tend to be very flat, they allow production of roofing membranes which are thinner than similar products reinforced with woven materials. This helps to reduce the use of raw materials and controls the costs of the end-product.

Kirson-scrims made from polyester- and/or glassfibres also Kirson scrim laminates made with glass or polyester-nonwovens are in use for many different polymer-based membranes. Kirson scrims can often be found in roofing membranes made from PVC, PO, EPDM or bitumen.